Allsopp & Chapple Resteraunt Bar

Allsopp & Chapple is located at 311 Main St in downtown Little Rock, AR.

I was met with Christmas lit trees at the entrance and a friendly valet service to park our car and send us into the Hostess.

Our inside Man Greg Castille had recomended we visit for our 5 year Anniversary and try the vegan special. We were introduced to Aliesia who was the vegan chef in house and helped create the special along with Head Chef Bonner who came and introduced himself and told us more about the dishes.

Roasted Beet Salad

As a vegan I always say I won’t go out to eat if they only have salad to offer but this salad would be worth going out to eat on it’s own. The golden beats would make an excellence fish replacmemt for a vegan sushi roll.

The roasted sweet potato side.
Beautifully plated.
Bell Peppers stuffed with basmati rice, mixed veggies, topped with sprouts and melted daiya cheese.

The atmosphere was beautiful, the food was filling and delicious, and our meals together were much less expensive as some of the high end vegan nights I have been to. If anyone is interested in trying this meal I would call in advance and ask if you can make a reservation to have the vegan special. The only reason this was available is because my husband asked if our friend could talk to the chefs about a vegan option made special for me for the special occasion. So any chance you get to ask for a vegan option in a resteraunt or a store manager it helps to let them know there is a growing demand for these options in Central Arkansas in 2021.

Allsop & Chapple

501. 902. 4911


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