30 Day Raw Food Detox

These are some guacamole salads I made last december when I did my very first raw food detox. I started this journey to help me lose weight, clear my skin, and boost my energy. When taking the right herbs this diet will also help you get rid of parasites. I follow the Dr. Sebi Nutrional Guide up to about 95% of the time and take Dr. Sebi approved herbal supplements I get from my local herb company here in Arkansas, Live Well Natural Products LLC (look for them on fb). Last december I broke my coffee, redull, and esspresso addiction which I thought was impossible for me being a busy mom and homemaker who works part time swing shift. But to my suprise not only did I look great and feel great after the detox I no longer needed massive amounts of caffeine and sugar to function.

The 29th day of my detox I went to Trader Joe’s and bought groceries and a bag of Trader Joe’s Brand Vegan Oatmeal Cookies. I ate the whole bag then went to Moes to eat a giant Home wrecker burrito and guacamole with chips! I felt HORRIBLE afterwards. In fact anytime after I detoxed that I ate sugar I felt jittery and anxious and had trouble sleeping. Yet I continued to eat sugary foods and slowly slipped back into a junk food habbit. But that’s ok! That’s why it’s recomended to detox yourself at least 2 times a year. It’s so easy to fall back into the junk food when your husband isnt vegan and sometimes the quickest easiest way for everyone to eat together is to grab some processed vegan junk food and call it a night. It’s especially easy when your 3 year old vegan child has also become addicted to Annie’s Vegan Mac and Cheeze.

But here we are in April going for round 2! I am day 4 into my detox and I am finally feeling coherent enough to write my thoughts and begin sharing with my readers about my experience. To follow will be some easy raw reciepes for you to try at home. Keep up with me by subscribing!


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