Quick and Easy Raw Vegan Spaghetti

Today is Day 5 of my 30 day raw food detox. I’m preparing for swimsuit season when I’m going to be standing around other parents at the swimming pool in a 2 piece and I want to cut out this belly bloat from too much bread and pasta. Turns out there are raw alternatives for spaghetti so let’s dive into this recipe.

Important Tools:

A spiralizer. This one I bought off Amazon and it has blades for differnt noodles. There are other tools you can use to make your zoodles but this is what I recomend.
A blender or large food proccessor. This is my Vitamix but you don’t need an expensive brand to make the sauce.


3 zucchinis

3 whole tomatos or a can of diced tomatos

A small shallot


1 red bell pepper pr several baby peppers

Sea salt

Onion powder

Crushed Red Pepper

This is a very versatile recipe so make it your own, add whatever seasonings or vegetables you perfer this is just what I happened to have on hand.

First cut the ends off the zucchinis so that you have two flat sides and can place into the spiralier. I also eat the left over pieces but theyre not as photogenic I think.
Blend up the other ingredients and pour over your zoodles.

Thanks for reading. If you like these posts please leave a comment.


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