On the Go Food Truck and Catering

I went to a Goth themed party last night at Area 51 at 6511 Warden rd in Sherwood.

Club Nevermore: Into the Void

My friend Ray Delosreyes has a food truck called On the Go Food Truck and Catering and was parked outside the party. After being asked by my husband and myself before the party if it was possible to make a vegan dish he came up with a totally insane sandwhich that took me by suprise.

Usually your options are very limited as a vegan but if you have an opprotunity to ask the chef in advance they may suprise you.

I love providing good eats to anyone with specialty diets. I enjoy the puzzle of it all to make sure what I make for them is delicious and in accordance to their specific needs. I’ll always cook for anybody’s specific needs as long as I have the ingredients available.

Chef Ray of On the Go Food Truck and Catering
Spinach and Artichoke Philly with Broccoli and Baby Portabellas

This sandwhich was spicy and sweet, my favorite combination. It was filling and full of nutrients with a mellow coconut milk flavor I loved.

I think that it’s wonderful that so many places are willing to cater to vegans. Many just need to hear from us in the community. Let’s all reach out to local resteraunts and corporate chains alike in asking for more options. Send a friendly email and tell them plant based and vegan is on the rise!

Like On the Go Food Truck and Catering on Facebook to keep up with where they plan to pop up next.

Thanks to Jason Barrow and Area 51 for accomadating my diet in the process of planning for this party.

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