Gluten-free Vegan Butter

I was at my first Vegan Dinner Club meet up in January at a local Italian restaurant that was hosting a Vegan night per our request. I had just lost my grandmother less than a month ago and I had recently started going to a Buddhist Temple. I was finally branching out and meeting some vegans and trying to not feel so down. The group I sat down with were very knowledgeable about veganism and animal welfare. The lady next to me told me that I should remember to bring dishes with me to restaurants so that I didn’t have to take home styrofoam containers that end up in landfills and never decomposes. Then she dropped a huge truth bomb on me that I have been ignoring for months. My go to vegan butter, Earth Balance, has palm oil in it. Palm oil causes deforestation and displaces orangutans! I. Love. Orangutans! Here is a picture of me with one of my most beloved toys as a child, aptly named “Baby Monkey”.

If you would like to learn more about this check out Orangutans Foundation page.

Since my last post in January I have been in a whirl of changes but now I am ready to step up my game environmentally. (I even started a compost). I have moved to a rural suburb, adopted 2 more dogs, and started a spiritual program that takes up a lot of my time.

Today I am sharing my first attempt at homemade vegan butter from A Virtual Vegan.

I picked up Almond Meal from Kroger in the aisle where I find most of the vegan friendly and organic items. I believe this bag cost $8 and I had all the ingredients at home already.

What you will need:

4 tbs almond meal

5 tbs of unsweetened non dairy milk (do not use canned coconut milk or soy milk)

1 tsp nutritional yeast

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup of melted REFINED coconut oil

2 tbs olive oil (extra Virgin olive oil leaves an olive oil taste in the finished butter but I don’t mind)

A pinch of turmeric for color

And a blender

I used a ninja blender to mix all the ingredients EXCEPT the oils. After the mixture is completely smooth then I added the oils and blended for about 1 minute.

Next I poured the liquid into a mason jar and let it sit over night. In the morning I had this delicious goodness…

it tastes delicious and acts like butter in it’s spreadability perhaps a bit softer because cold cow’s butter is too hard to spread.

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