Plant Based Growing in Arkansas

I have been slacking hardcore on the blog posts as of late everyone. I think I am finally feeling better. I felt amazing when I first changed to a Plant Based Diet but being the only vegan in your family, at your job, or in your community can be frustrating as well as depressing. Everyone thinks you’re “crazy” because you don’t eat meat or dairy. If you decide you no longer want to consume any animal products or byproducts you feel even more ostracized because you’re now the most high maintenance person in any social situation and on top of that you have an abundant amount of new information that you basically have to keep to yourself because no one wants to hear about how animals are being treated or how farming animals effects our health or the environment. It’s inconvenient. The burden of knowledge I call it. You do all this research just to make yourself even more depressed.

So I decided I needed to start reaching out to the local vegan community. First step of course was check the local event page on fb and mark my calendar for events that had to do with vegan food. I decided to go to a food demo at The Mosaic Templar Cultural Arts center about a week after the Vegan Food Truck event at Viva Vegan.

The first thing I tried was from a truck called Kathmandu MoMo. The Momos were so delicious. I have loved dumplings and dim sum forever and I was excited to get something entirely new and from a region that I had never tasted food from which is Nepal. My mother in law is from Thailand and is a tremendous cook but she is at a loss of how to translate her cooking to plant based and I miss her delicious foods she used to make for me. This was comfort food to me. But I will say I couldn’t finish the spicy potato salad. It was good but too spicy for me.

The next meal I bought was no problem to finish at all! Melanie Lacy, owner of Harambe Market in North Little Rock, loaded me up with the goods. Garlic tofu, Supreme Greens, Nori Nut “Meat” Roll, and Vegan Ranch. And as it turned out she was teaching the class at Mosaic Templars Cultural Arts Center that I marked to go on my calendar.

my husband got some vegan soul food but forgot to get me a card from their tent but it was delicious as you can tell by this picture.

No that is not rib but it’s a tasty alternative and the sweet potatoes and greens we’re phenomenal!

I got some immune boosting fermented lemon and thyme from a tent where a woman who told me she also was the only plant based eater in circles as well and like the other vendors I met realized that there is a need for people to learn about the healing powers of Wholefood and a need to bring the people together in the less affluent neighborhoods who have so many fast food and gas station food options in their vicinity isn’t it obvious why more and more Americans have the health issues that we have? If you ask most people in Little Rock or north Little Rock how often they eat fast food it’s not unlikely to hear daily. I relied heavily on fast food for the past 10 years and most people I know do also. Here are some more cards I picked up at the food festival for clothes and social media connections.

I will be posting a separate article just about Miss Melanie Lacy and the Yum Yum Cafe’ food demo. Melanie is the one on the left with the glasses .

I loved meeting families that worked together to set up their food tents even if they weren’t vegan but because they supported their spouse or sister or friend gave me hope. I know that I am not the best at expressing myself but it gave me inspiration to see the community of people who came to the plant based diet for different reasons and showed the utmost respect to each other in the muggy heat of the day. There were no fights, no one was upset about anything, causing drama or forming elitist cliques. Vegan or plant based whichever the individual prefers to be called and for what ever reason we can take the label off and really look at the common ground. Peace and good health. That’s what I feel the heart of the local vegan community is truly about. Please keep up with me by subscribing to my blog and thank you for reading.

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  1. Christine Idenden says:

    I love this. Thank you for sharing your journey to your authentic self.

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